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Design in general is an essential tool for every company. From industrial design to house interior design, every branch of design can be used by any company to enhance their image and efficiency. On this website we will deal with graphic design exclusively, and a branch of graphic design: web design. We won't deal with this subject the same way other websites do, as we won't deal with technical matters or give explanations about how to use design pieces of software or tools. The reason why we won't do this is because this is not a website intended for designers, but for designers' clients, businessmen who don't know much about this subject. Knowing the basics of this subject will help them carry out a design campaign that is much more beneficial for their firm.

After reading this page, you will be in better condition than before to analyze your design projects better and accomplish more effective, attractive results that respond to your objectives. Our aim is to provide you with the necessary information for you to use graphic design in the corporate development of your company. However, our aim is that you learn to do this with the help of the designer you hire, as they will be in charge of carrying out the project in practical terms. That is to say, you must participate actively in the design job by providing suggestions, accepting or rejecting ideas for the designer to materialize them in graphic objects. This is the job of the designer: to transform ideas -abstract objects- into graphic objects -concrete objects. And for this transformation to be accurate, there are two essential things that should work together: the designer's ability, and the client's effort and ability to be clear and convey a definite idea about what he's looking for.

To obtain good results, it's necessary to establish a good relationship with the designer, to exchange ideas and suggestions fluently, to establish an honest and precise dialogue. This is not at all unimportant. If the relationship with the designer is not good, the work will fail, or it won't reach its highest quality. The client and the designer should form a team, support each other, motivate each other, participate and commit themselves to the job. This is the only way to do a good job. Let's imagine a designer as an interpreter: if the speaker doesn't speak clearly, is not precise, or doesn't establish a bond with the interpreter -regardless of the strength of this bond-, it will be much more difficult for the interpreter to interpret simultaneously.

We want to help you accomplish these objectives by means of an educational and entertaining website that doesn't deal with matters that are too technical or that have nothing to do with the client's responsibility. Our aim is to provide you with a site written in a friendly way that is easy to follow. To do this, we have divided the contents in subject sections that become more and more complex gradually. We suggest you read all of the pages of this website in order. However, as we know the reading habits on the internet are different from the usual, the pages are linked up in order but can be read independently from the others as they keep their conceptual autonomy.

In the section called Logo Design, we deal with everything connected with this fundamental and initial element of a company's image, this absolutely essential element in terms of design and sales. The section Types of Logos, deals with the three different types of logos found in the design world and with their descriptions, examples, advantages and disadvantages. Web Design will deal with the branch of graphic design that has seen a boom in the last years, an activity that represents a company on the internet and gets the most out of it. The section Website will deal with the object of work of web design, including its main features and functions. Finally, in the section Corporate Identity, we will deal with the group of design elements that represents a company at all times, and how it should be formed to bring good results.

We welcome you warmly to this design website intended for companies. We want to thank you for choosing us to help you and invite you to surf this website we have created for you.

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